Simsbury Therapeutic Massage & Wellness


Simsbury Therapeutic Massage & Wellness Staff

Located in Simsbury on Hopmeadow Street for over 20 years, we specialize in a variety of therapeutic modalities, and our Licensed Massage Therapists individualize every session to your specific needs.

Many seek massage therapy for relief of chronic pain, to speed recovery from injuries or surgery, enhance athletic performance, for relaxation and balance, emotional and mental stress reduction, to name a few reasons.

The best part is the feeling …within minutes you can feel the relaxation in your body, life slows down and your mind turns inward. Just as you’re becoming aware of how much stress you’re carrying, it’s beginning to melt away… you’ll leave energized and feeling relaxed. Massage has a cumulative effect, and, even after just one hour, many experience lowered stress levels, less pain and more energy.